Thursday, 28 April 2011

2 Ways to Lose Belly Fat and Get Abs Fast Without Crash Dieting

As a general fitness rule, we all like to see results as quickly as possible, especially when it comes to trying to lose belly fat, get abs fast,and look amazing - but the truth is that while crash diets, fad diets, miracle foods, pills, and powders advertise their results-driven guarantees, they can't guarantee lasting results.

A life-long decrease in blood pressure, overall cholesterol and leaner muscle mass can only be achieved through the right type of diet and smart exercise. The right workout with the right combination of exercises debunks the vast influx of misinformation floating around in the health and fitness world, and can actually leave you with a ripped set of abs and a loss of that dangerous visceral fat around your belly for years on end.

Know Your Craft: Discover 6 Pack Ab Secrets if You Want to Work them to Work For You

The first way that you begin to unveil those gorgeous abs is by doing a little research. You must know how your body functions in order to work the muscles correctly to reveal a better looking you. Many people want better abs and so they target the abdominal muscles by themselves. This type of muscle isolation training does not yield a rippled middle; in fact you can just bulk up the muscle underneath, which will be hidden underneath the unchanged layer of stomach fat.

The body is made up of various working parts - these working parts are put together in such a way as to help assist in all types of ranges of movement. If you do not capitalize on the way the body was designed in order to target your abs you will be wasting precious energy and wasting those gym hours you've logged.

Movements that are compound in nature such as using pulleys, cables, and your body as a lever to engage more than one muscle at a time is the first way you will be able to unlock the metabolic energy necessary to burn away unwanted fat while simultaneously building a set of abs to be proud of.

Timing Tips: Lose Stubborn Belly Fat By Understanding the Importance of the Clock

Second way to lose belly fat? Time it right. If you've ever read a fitness magazine, it is almost a certainty that you've read advice along these lines: "Even if you get 20 minutes in the gym on a day that you would have otherwise skipped then you can consider that a good exercise day." The theory that any exercise is better than no exercise is true from a layman's fitness point of view.

But for those of you that are serious about seeing results, and want to see those results fast you cannot be haphazard with the timing, length, or duration of your workouts. There is a science to program design, and one that if done correctly can make or break your desire to get rock hard abs that are visible as well as functional to your overall body's performance.

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